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Bedrock Real Estate Services LLC

Our Value Proposition

Bedrock Real Estate Services LLC

Provides clients rock-solid foundation to inform their decisions. For an investor, we analyze an investment property to show the benefits of ownership over a period of five or ten years. Specifically, we present the return on equity invested on an annual basis and at the end of the holding period of the investment. To inform the decision to make an offer to buy or rent a property, we provide competitive sales and rentals to benchmark the property of interest. In addition, competitive cap rates information is presented. Given our valuation background, any offer to purchase or rent a property is supported by an enhanced broker price opinion or rent opinion. We apply geographic information system (GIS) to inform location decision making.


In our practice, we specialize in retail property – community/neighborhood/strip retail centers. We assist investors, owner-occupants, and tenants to consummate real estate transactions. We pledge to protect and promote the interests of our clients and to treat all parties honestly.

Brokerage Process

The following is the process we follow to execute a transaction.

Phase 1: Initial Meeting.

At the initial meeting, we seek to understand a buyer’s objective, amount of cash available to invest, building type, general and specific location preferences, and the occupation of the client.

Phase 2: Property Search.

On the basis of the initial meeting, we identify properties that match client’s requirements.

Phase 3: Property Visit.

We visit the selected properties to gain an understanding of their physical features, conditions, and immediate surroundings or exposure.

Phase 4: Financial Analysis.

For the selected properties, we perform financial analysis to show what the properties will do for the investor to satisfy investment objective.

Phase 5: Submit Offer to Purchase or Rent.

Based on the rankings of the properties, we sequentially submit offer to purchase and negotiate price and terms. Inspection of the property by a professional inspection is typically a condition of the offer.

Phase 6: Close on the Purchase or Rental.

After a successful negotiating of price and terms we finally get to close on the transaction.


Advisory Services Areas

Sale-Leaseback Advisory

Analysis to determine if there is a benefit from a sale-leaseback.

Lease versus Own Advisory

Analysis to determine the more advantageous option.

Financial Feasibility Study

Analysis to determine whether a project could be carried out successfully.

Market Study

Analysis of supply and demand for a particular property type in a market area.

Marketability Study

Analysis of the ability of a specific property to be absorbed, sold, or leased.

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